By Josephina Garcia

Cross country started the season off with some of the competitors placing in the last three meets at  Lynn Creek Park, Tuscola City Park and North Lakes Park with the highest placing as second place.

The runners believe that the season started off well with some of their teammates placing and trying their best and believe that the rest of the season is going to be good.

“My goal this season is to improve my time from last year, definitely get faster,” said Tatiana Alcala. “I’m going to work out hard at every single practice”

Titiana has been practicing so that this year she can get a better time than she did last year,her teammates is what motivates and inspires her to keep going if she gets tired while running to keep her mind set right to keep on going.

“My strength is that I don’t give up easily, I keep pushing myself and so do my teammates” senior Daniel Bizima said.  Bizima placed fourth at the last meet.

The teammates hope for a shot at the district and regional meets this year.  Daily after school practices help each teammate push each other or themselves to keep going.

“One of strengths is that I don’t give up easily to being able to go long distances, especially in the beginning,” said Tatiana.  ”One of my weaknesses is being able to go faster after I have ran for a really long time already.”

The way the team prepares before a meet is that they walk around first and then stretch all the things that their coaches tell them.  Some of the students even listen to inspiring music.

“I try to keep all my students with confidence that they can do their best to encourage all my students,” girls coach Rosemary Martin said.

At the Dutch Branch Park meet Sabrie Alaniz placed seventh with a time of 20:11, Francine Munezero with a time of 20:32.  They attribute the success to their coach pushing them.

“When I join cross country like the team it is really fun to be in like we are a family we all are there for together especially during a meet,” Tatiana said.