By Taylor Lopez

The varsity volleyball team lost to L.D. Bell 2-3, on Tuesday Oct. 29, ending the season with a 3-11 standing for the district.

“I was sad that the season was over, but I was grateful for everything volleyball has brought to me, such as amazing friends, and learning how to work in a team,” junior Alexis Wood said. “I will always cherish the amazing times we’ve all spent together”.

The Eagles put in a lot of hard work throughout the season to try to make it into the playoffs.

“When we hear the speaker talk about the game it helps us visualize how we are going to perform that night,” sophomore Jacelyn Allelo said. “When the music comes on it gets us fired up and gets us ready to start the game strong”.

The Eagles ended with a streak of 2 losses in district.

“Losing is never something anyone wants, but it gets you back up and helps you to work harder every day,” junior Paighton Lawson said. “Sad to see the season end but glad to find out what the future holds”

The girls have now moved onto offseason and have been working hard to improve for a better season next year.

“We’ve been working out a lot to try and get prepared for the next season,” sophomore Gentri Anderson said. “I can’t wait to get back on the court with my girls and try for a better season.”