Opinion By Josephina Garcia

As a highschool student college is something that puts you into a stressful place. Especially students who are known as the upper class man such as juniors or seniors because it is so close to graduating highschool but they’re even some freshmen who even stress about it because it is the beginning of their highschool year and want to plan ahead their classes and make sure that they do things right to be able to succeed for their college life that they are wanting to get.

Thinking about going to college may be a hard decision for some students because not all students want to go to college or don’t know if they want to go.A lot of people think that not going to college is a bad thing because they believe that you will not succeed as much in life not going btu do not understand why some are indecisive. Going to college is a huge next it takes a lot of responsibilities some students may believe that college life can be more harder than high school for some others may think that college life is the total opposite because with college they are able to work with your time for the classes you may need or take and have other classes to offer more than high school does but they may not have bells that ring at a certain time and not all classes will last the same amount of time as the others,with this you need to be able to keep up on your own and   some people are not able to because they easily forget or get use to all the things in highschool.

 Some students are planning to go to college because of their parent want their kids to go to college for many reasons it could be because they want a better life for their children,to get a certain education for a certain job or just simply for them to be able to attend college because the parents did not go Or were not able to attend for certain reasons some even force their kids to go to college because they think it is the best for them but do not realize some of the kids think about how much  more stressing college can be because it comes with a lot of more things to deal with and may be scared to deal with them.

Another reason some students are indecisive is because they don’t know what they wanna do in college because they are making a huge next step in their life and do not want to make a mistake or mess something up by taking this huge step.By going to college you are deciding what you want to do and what you want to major in because some jobs require that you attend college for certain amount of years and have a certain degree for the job and some of the students may think that they are not able to because they don’t feel smart or think that they can not achieve it.

Not all students are able to afford going to college because they have to spend  money on tuition and some colleges even require a fee to attend going some of the classes even want you to pay for you to take the classes,some students may pay for getting a room if they wanted to stay there and textbooks and school supplies they need for certain classes  and other things for personal expenses and some may even pay for school activity fees if some students want the be more involved with things at college.There are many reason why students are indecisive on going to college because not everyone is made or fit to go to college.Going to college does not always mean you will succeed more in life but not going to college will not make you not succeed more in life it all depends on how the person does things in their life there is no right or wrong answer that college will make you succeed.