By Josephina Garcia

Girls’ varsity basketball this year started off the first game with a loss. The girls thought they started the season off great.

“Yes, because we started off better this year than last year “said Senior Kelly Boyland

When the team played their very first game they played against Trinity High School. In the first quarter the score was 11-5 with Trinity in the lead but in the end the score was 47-37 with Trinity high school winning but the girls have said that they have a good chance of going to playoffs even if they started with a loss.

“I think we have a good chance to make playoffs mainly because coach Wright pushes us really hard and he won’t accept plain and below are capability’s, so I think we are going to play at a high level and win by chance,” said Senior Destiny Potts

Even though the girls have some strengths and weaknesses they are still willing to try their best to make it to the playoffs. Their biggest weaknesses right now are turnovers

“right now, are biggest weaknesses is turnovers and just taking care of the ball were really good defense right now and I think if we can just limit are turnovers and be smart on offense we will be good” said Destiny Potts

The team so far has lost more games than they have wins but they are still willing to believe that they are going to the playoffs and try their best   

“I am gonna keep practicing for myself and for my team” said destiny potts

The team has been practicing almost every morning and after school for the games.