By Taylor Lopez

            Mega lunch is Tuesday-Thursday where we get an hour of lunch to go do things such as tutorials, clubs, and many more things.

Mondays and Fridays are very different. We have three separate lunches which we call “abc lunch”. I believe having abc lunch is challenging because we do not have much time to stand in lunch lines and sit down and eat with only a time span of 30 minutes. Having different lunches does not benefit anyone.

If you have B lunch you have the ability to be tardy to your 4th period twice in one day.

Having separate lunches could be difficult for the kids who have to leave campus for things such as Holland, the fire academy, and attending Cooper for the welding classes. 

During Friday game days, the players sometimes have to switch lunches for that day in order to have time to eat before leaving for a game which could become very confusing.

 I believe having mega lunch as an all week thing would be very beneficial for not just the students but the staff as well. Many teachers would agree that having separate lunches does not help anything. Teachers have to plan more work for the longer classes on Monday and Friday.

Friday’s are usually the days where grades get finalized so students should have the advantage of having mega lunch to turn in work before it becomes late. This is why mega lunch should be an all week thing.