By Josephina Garcia

The boys’ basketball games went on an undefeated win but had a couple of lost games the team had about six lost out of 33 games out of the whole season this year. The team went on a streak on at least 13 wins, the other times the team did mostly win but had at least one lost in between some of the games they played.

“I think we will make the playoffs this season because we have a good coach to teach us the things we need, and we work really hard together as a team” Junior Jalenn McGee said.

The boys’ basketball team has been practicing almost every day after or during school. Practicing so hard that the team went to Arlington to go play at Mineral Wells for the playoffs.

During the first quarter Mineral had the winning by one point with the score of 14-13 but in the fourth quarter Abilene had a loss of 60-47 Abilene High losing the playoffs games ending the basketball season this year.