By Connor Mullins

    The coronavirus, or COVID-19, and its rapid spread has caused AISD to suspend all school operations indefinitely. This decision was made on March 18 after the CDC recommended schools to be closed for up to eight weeks due to this virus. This closure results in the class of 2020 very unsettled and highly disappointed that their final months of high school were taken away from them. 

    “It’s sad because it was going to be the last time I was going to be able to do certain things like choir concerts or One Act competitions with these specific people,” Lindsay Rogers, senior, said. “I think the saddest part is the confusion of what’s to come, or the fact that I didn’t know two weeks ago that it would be like this. Life comes with a lot of lasts, but it’s just sad that it came so soon.”

    Despite this abrupt ending, some seniors are taking the time to still be productive. Hansen Penya, senior, is a music artist who goes by Han$, and he’s currently trying to make the most of his time.

    “I’ve been working on music every day we’ve had off,” Penya said. “So the break has given me more time to work on the album I’ve been wanting to release. I’ve also spent more time with my family than I do during the regular school year, as I now have more time for that.”

    Due to the closure, certain senior activities like prom will more than likely be cancelled. 

    “It was looking forward to all of the activities that came with being a senior,” Penya said. “I was also looking forward to finishing out the year with my friends who are leaving town for college.” 

    However some seniors are trying to stay optimistic despite the circumstances they are in. 

    “It is sad that the normal senior festivities are being postponed or cancelled,” Braeden Roberson said. “But I think it will also make our senior year memorable. This has been a devastating event worldwide, but it also means this will be a very memorable moment in our lives that we’ll get to tell our kids about one day.” 

    As a senior myself, it is very disappointing to see my final year at AHS come to such an abrupt ending. The fact that our class as a whole had no idea that our year would be over right after spring break fills me with a sense of disappointment. However, during this break, it’s allowed me to stay positive and realize that everything happens for a reason and that this experience will make not only myself, but the other seniors stronger as well. We were born into this world during 9/11, and we’re graduating during a worldwide pandemic. To my other seniors, stay strong, and don’t let this take away from all of the memories you have made this year.