By Taylor Lopez

Schools all around the world have been temporarily closed due to the spread of the COVID-19 more known as the coronavirus.  Following spring break, AISD announced first a three-day delay in returning from the holiday allowing time to screen students for illness and possible exposure during travel. The closure, then extended it to a full week, before officials announced an indefinite time off.

Junior faced the situation with mixed opinions about being away from school. After the initial break, many students miss being back at school. 

“I enjoyed the time off, but I miss having something to occupy my days with and school helped me do that,” junior Everly Vaughn said. “I do not want my junior year to end so soon”. 

After COVID-19 made its way into the U.S. many people have begun self quarantining in order to not catch the disease. 

“I’ve been staying inside most of the time trying not to catch the virus but I miss seeing my friends at school,” junior Lily Triano said. “The worst part about this whole thing is that cheer tryouts may never happen”. 

Due to this rapid spread all athletic groups have been put on hold such as the baseball season, track, cheer, and many more activities. 

“I was preparing my whole year for the baseball season and for it to just be taken away so easily really hurt.” junior Luke Tebow said. “It hurts most knowing the seniors may never get a chance to play again”. 

With this indefinite shutdown school officials have put up online classes you can take to help you further succeed but will not count as grades. Dual credit students are still required to submit work online to complete requirements to earn the college credit. AP students continue to prepare for AP exams after the College Board announced that AP exams will continue in alternative ways. 

“Putting up online classes is a good idea, that way when we go back to school our brains are not completely fried,” junior Addison Thompson said. “Since grades are not being counted most kids will decide not to do them.”