By Daisy Godinez, Staff Writer

Detailing the life of the four March sisters, theater students entertained the audience with “Little Women” both in person and online from January 21-23.

To see the show in person you would have to be invited by a cast member as they have a certain number of tickets, they can sell to in person audience members per show.

“When I have lots of lines, I do amazing, but I do better when I support other people,” Kaelyn Pacheco said. “Having less lines to let other people shine, is something I’d much rather do”

The cast members of the play state that being in theater and performing increases their communication skills and gives them much more benefits as being able to understand and notice people’s feelings around them better.

“I am a more empathetic person since joining in theater and theater performances” Kaelyn Pacheco said. “I have to feel the feelings of the person I’m portraying, which makes it a lot easier to feel the people’s feelings around me.”

Messing up in a performance is very common, lots of people are prone to it, as the performers talk and explain their own experiences with stage fright or messing up constantly, they all have a few of the same responses.

“Absolutely, but I’ve gotten over it by remembering hey I’m fine they’re not judging me.” Leann Bailey said, “I’m here because I tried out and got here.”

Little Women’s play is a very family like show, persevering overcoming all odds the society has placed on certain individuals. Joe march specifically embodies and personifies that by going outside the social norms of what would be considered abnormal.

“This is my very first musical to perform in, but i have performed in other plays” Halley Wright “I wanted to join because it’s a good way to make friends and kind of get out of my shell.”

Although the cast members enjoy being able to perform this musical for people, it could tend to get into the way of other activities that were placed in that time period. This could affect after school sports, work or any event planned.

“I’m in ballet, at Ballet Abilene so I do have to work around classes” Soya Lowe said “I only have to miss for the last few classes or I have to leave early sometimes, which is not that big of a deal” 

If you feel like you want to try out or want to have the opportunity to perform in the play, you could only be held back by the fact you might be scared to join for the lack of memorization, here’s a tip given by a cast member

“What I do sometimes when I’m having a hard time memorizing lines is I’ll record myself so that I could go and listen to any mistakes I might have made or correct what I do not like” Hope Fambrough said. “It also helps me get the whole play in my head better”