By: Stasia Dotson

The Eagles started off district rough with just a couple wins, and with a record of 3-12 and a 5-22 overall for the season. The Eagles were successful on April 23 against midland high with a score of 3-0.

The season started off slow,” Nathan watts said. “But we had a lot of fun being around each other”.

With Eagles having a rough start they still secured a third win for district on April 23 against Midland High

“Our best game was Friday against Midland where we won 3-0,” junior catcher Parker Doughty said. “That was the best game we played because we completed all the way through seven innings”.

Senior pitcher Nathan Watts struck out 13 players in the Midland High game.

“It was awesome I was on cloud nine,” Watts said. “I was proud of the way we completed as a team.”

Watts clutched a hit to bring the only run the Eagles needed. Matt Ezzell, senior pitcher, led off the bottom of the fourth with a double, took third on an error and scored on Watt’s sacrifice fly for a 1-0 lead.

Senior Joseph Woodyard drove in two runs as the Abilene High Eagles beat Midland High 3-0.

“We have a good time when we’re all together,” Watts said. “I really enjoy being around my teammates.”