By: Jane Haikiyimana

The Gallimaufry, an award-winning yearly journal composed of submissions from district students and faculty, will accept submissions in categories ranging from creative non-fiction and poetry to art and photography from now until March 23rd.

“In a more symbolical or emotional type thing,” Senior editor, Lauren Scott said.    “The journal is a way for multiple schools to connect and make something that makes everybody happy.”

Seth Pace’s creative writing class puts together and edits the Gallimaufry. Everyone in the creative writing class gets to see and edit all the submitted works and the senior editors, Wisdom Mosley, Hallie Wright, and Lauren Scott, oversee and supervise editing. Scott supervises the art submissions, Mosley supervises the poetry and short stories, and Wright is the editor-in-chief.

“Everyone in the creative writing class collectively edits things but the senior editors have the final say,” Scott said.

This year’s theme is “Potential” which was decided by the senior editors and Pace which was then voted on by the creative writing students.

“The three senior editors all collectively came together and evaluated what our theme was last year, we brainstormed on a whiteboard different words or things that are pretty vague but have a lot of meaning to the creative writing class,” Scott said.

          Applications are available in room 1110 and once artists and writers will complete the application, attach work along with it, and submit a digital copy of the work to Mr. Pace at:

                              “Like we say to everyone who submits, it looks great on college applications because you’ve been published on a real book,” Wright said.  “Also the organizational part of it, any job will require talking to people skills and filling things out skills, good skills to have for any job.”