By Samuel Villa.

Varsity football player Samuel Massey hosts a morning Bible study on Friday mornings for students at the Hickory Street Chapel.

Massy started hosting these studies in November, near the end of the 2021 football season.

“We used to host this at the A.M. Donuts on the street,” Massey said. “Now we host it at the chapel, since my dad owns some land near that area.”

Massey wanted to share his love of Gospel by spreading it with the rest of the team.

“I pray before the beginning of a game and during halftime,” Massey said. “I felt that I had to continue spreading the word, so I decided to assemble this bible study program. My coach said it was ok for me to invite the team to this event.”

The study was initially only for members of the varsity football team, but is now open to other students.

“I tried to keep it exclusive for them during the football season,” Massey said. “This was meant to help out the team during the long season. Now that the season’s over, it’s open for any student who wishes to come.”

Massey hosts the event on Friday mornings before school for a whole hour.

“I always start the lessons with a devotional,” Massey said. “The lessons last for about 30-40 minutes.”

Since Massey has a reserved first period, he’s able to host these events and keep the attendees from being counted absent.

“There’s no specific time frame for the lesson,” Massey said. “Some people have to leave the service earlier than others due to the importance of their class. I understand if anyone has to leave.”

Massey plans to continue the lessons for the rest of his time in high school.

“I’m really happy that I was able to do this for everyone.” Massey said.