By Makalie Farmer.

English teacher Seth Pace and Criminal Justice instructor Les Bruce were both nominated by their colleagues and are in the running for the district secondary teacher of the year. 

“The best part of teaching is when students finally realize how everything is connected and all these stories and history are connected,” Pace said. “You see it in their faces and it’s the greatest feeling.”

Pace began teaching at Abilene high 16 years ago. After beginning his teaching career as a junior high English teacher, he then spent five years serving in the U.S Army as a crypto-analyst before he was medically discharged. Pace first taught academic sophomore English and gradually moved to Pre-ap sophomore English. Pace then petitioned to teach a creative writing course for juniors and seniors as well as a Bible course for sophomores and up.  

“Young teachers don’t have a lot of experience, they just have knowledge,” Pace said. “I try to bring some experience into it.” 

Bruce is in his sixth year teaching criminal justice. Before he came to the field, Bruce worked at the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office for 35 years. Bruce spent 30 years in the Police Department teaching the academy. 

“Teaching has taught me that there are so many ways to learn and everybody is different,” Bruce said. “You can’t just teach one way.”