By Jane Hakiyimana.

The National Art Honor Society, an organization run by Thomas Evans, encourages students to become aware of art on campus and often collaborates with the Art Club run by April Rifenburgh

“It’s mainly to raise awareness of the scholarship of art and the visual impact of art on campus,” Evans said.

To be eligible for NAHS, you must have a 3.0 GPA, complete at least one art class, have no major discipline issues, and maintain an art scholarship.

“It’s not as high a bar as National Honor Society, National Honor Society you have to have a 3.5 GPA,” Evans said. “NAHS is a little lower as far as the grade requirements, but what we do is different, we raise the awareness of our on campus.”

The first NAHS meeting was on Wednesday, August 31 after school in room 2304, and official meetings are held every other Wednesday after school in room 2304 where club business is discussed with the voting members, however, every week social members (members who don’t vote or have a say on official matters) can pop in any week and enjoy cookies and kool-aid with art.

Evans runs NAHS and besides that, he is certified to teach International Baccalaureate Diploma Visual Arts, MYP Visual Art, AP Sculpture, CTE courses: Digital Graphic Careers, Advertising, Web Publishing, Print and Media Technology, and Animation. College level, He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Art Appreciation at Vernon College in Wichita Falls and Cisco College and Elementary Art Education at Hardin Simmons.  Evans states that he doesn’t know what else he would have done and that he has always wanted to be an art teacher.

 “I love art, I think art is the most complete and greatest subject on the planet,” Evans said. “Everything we do and know about society we owe to artists. Whether it’s the graphic on your shirt, your shoes, your hairstyle, the building you’re standing in, or the car you drove. Artists make that stuff, it doesn’t exist without artists, so I think it’s important to make sure we’re ready for the creative world.”

Glorianna Nichols has been a part of the NAHS for the three out of four years she has been in high school and is NAHS historian. Nichols says people inspire her art and love the uniqueness of every face. She also includes that art helps her say what she cannot and helps her deal with her anxiety.

 “I feel free with art,” Nichols said.  “I feel like I can do whatever and can communicate with my art.”

Nolan Sullivan, NAHS vice president, states that he chose to run for vice president because he likes to come up with fun activities and. interesting things to break the ice and get the fun started.

 “I love art because it is a way for me to express my interests, emotions, and thoughts through visual elements, and I can make art in any way I want,” Sullivan said. “I am inspired by the peace, wonder, and unity in nature and the worlds in the stories that I write.”

The official 2022-2023 NAHS officers are: President; Ollie Sutton, Vice President; Nolan Sullivan, Secretary; Maggie Stone, Historian; Glorianna Nichols, Treasurer; Zoe Wilson, Chair of Activities; Gracie Chavez.

“Right now, NAHS has very few members, and the more people that participate, the more we can do with our projects,” Sullivan said. “Even if you aren’t sure you want to be a member, come to our meetings and learn more about it. We meet every Wednesday after school in room 2304.”