By: Lorena Sauceda

Boys’ varsity team prepares to get ready for district. The Eagle started the season off with 7-2

 In the first game against Monterey the score was 70-55. The team has lots of challenges to get though.

“The team has good leadership and characteristics”, senior Derrick Modest said. “They push each other to do harder to try to make the playoffs and go to district. “

 The boys are ready to go to the playoffs. They are not scared to win or lose. The team is practicing the day before the game and after until the next game.

“The biggest challenge for this season is covid” Coach Justin Reese said. “Because of covid there are not that many people at school to play basketball.”

The team has a really good chance to accomplish their team goals. They all want to make an average of points or to make it to the playoffs.

“I really want to go to state,” senior Jalen McGee said. “But my ultimate goal is to make an average of 20 points.”

The boys are going to try and make it to district. No matter what happens in the school year.