By Daisy Godinez
Senior prom, will take place May 1 at the Abilene Convention Center from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Texas Roadhouse will cater the event.

“Although we weren’t able to perform our planned prom for last year, we will make this year
count unconditionally,” faculty organizer Jennifer Jordan said. “We will have unforgettable memories.”

Non-student guests who plan to attend AHS prom must have an appropriate section of the form completed, signed, and returned to Corina Guerra, secretary to principal Michael Garcia. Guests who are “graduates” must be approved i n advance and provide a copy of their Driver’s License or proof of ID. Guests must be at least high school age, but not older than nineteen years old on the date of the prom. Guests shall agree to comply with the rules and regulations adopted by AISD and AHS. The deadline to submit permission to attend prom is on Wednesday, April 21 by 4:00 pm. When arriving at the prom, every guest must provide a Driver’s License or a school ID. It will be checked against the approved list and restricted list. Anyone attempting to attend Prom
without a completed form will be denied.

“Due to COVID-19 we might not be able to experience what we expected to experience a couple
years ago, but doesn’t mean we won’t accomplish having an amazing time,” Spanish teacher Debbie Ochoa said. “You have to pick up a form if you’d like to take a person from a different school from Mrs. Jordan” You have to get that form filled out, then that form has to be taken to that person’s school signed and approved by that person’s principals.”

If an attendant is in need of prom clothing, they may visit “Cinderella’s Closet”, a dress-loan closet where students may find gowns. Faculty members Roxanne Bush, Erica Hansley or Stacia Everett help manage the closet and can assist with formal-wear needs.

“You can go into the “Cinderella’s Closet” and pick what dress you’d like,” Ochoa said. “Although we may not have your size, what works is there.”

Masks will be worn by all in attendance, with the exception of anyone eating and/or drinking. Chaperones will be enforcing mask wearing.

“The reason was because the decision was made late to go ahead and allow prom to go on despite COVID,” Ochoa said. “Pulling kids together was concern about getting that many kids together due to COVID.”

Traditionally a prom committee made up of the senior students plan, hold meetings and decorate. With a late decision to hold prom, little time was left to form a student committee, so teachers stepped in to plan the event. Jordan, Ochoa, Lori Wallace, Sarah Fambrough, Michaela Holloway and Tamika Braye all worked together to plan the details.