By Marin Murray
In the few seconds between the starter’s commands and the gun firing, Molly can feel her nerves as she steps to the start line for the 800-meter run.

“I feel a little bit nervous when getting ready to run and getting on the start line,” sophomore Molly Bessent said. “That’s honestly one of the most intimidating parts of the race is lining up with your competition next to you.”

Not only does Molly compete in the 800-meter run, in which she qualified to run at the area track meet by placing third, but she also competes in the 400-meter run and the 4×400 meter relay.

  “I’m glad we could do it because even sometimes if I dread it, it was still fun,” Molly said. “And last year, we didn’t even get half a season. So, I’m just glad we were able to have one and that we all did really well.”

Because last year’s track season was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic, the track athletes worked to find their footing fast this year. However, the girls’ track second-place finish at the district track meet proved that they were able to overcome that.

“In the end, I know I just have to leave it all out there on the track and push myself further than the others,” Molly said. “So even with all the nerves, I feel a sense of determination, and I know that if I work hard it will pay off.”