By Marion Smith

Thirty five students earned class officer positions in early October after the administrators facilitated student officer elections for each grade level.

   Interested students received a QR code from administrators to post around the school. When 30 people scanned the code they earned a spot on the election ballot.  Positions included class presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, secretaries, and historians.

   “As students we can understand problems better than the teachers and other officials can,” junior class treasurer Grant Bridge said “We help them make things better.”

   Students who ran for an office were selected by their fellow students who voted by paper ballots and placed them in the selected candidate’s box.

   “I had one week to spread the word,” freshman class president Marin Murray said. In addition to spreading the word through social media, she placed posters around the school.

Senior Class Officers are:
President:  A’Kelly Umurisa
Vice President: Mia Mirelez
Secretary: Aubri Aguirre
Treasurer: Katie Rogers
Historian: Emily Shelburne
Business Manager:  Perside Yolou
Activity Director: Anieyah Joseph
Student Senate:
Katie Blair
Stunner Fraser
Sydney Monroe
Everly Vaughn

Junior Class Officers are:
President: Rian Williams
Vice-President: Ivan Santana
Secretary: Nigel Reilly
Treasurer: Hope Fambrough

Sophomore Class Officers are:
President: Link Holloway
Vice President: Deborah Musonera
Secretary: Rachel Jordan
Treasurer: Grant Bridge
Historian: Chloe Ramirez
Activity Director: Mayah HuertaStudent Senate:
Fernanda Berumen
Daniella Cecil
Jacob Pate

Freshman Class Officers are:
President: Marin Murray
Vice-President: Sa’nya Rodriguez
Secretary: Taylor Nevitt
Treasurer: Hailee Chavez
Historian: Sarah Richert
Business Manager: Caden Rainwater
Activity Director: Mallory Traylor
Student Senate:
Joseph Flores
Brian Garcia
Casen Kilmer
Luke Padon