By: Jane Hakyamana

The AHS Band is starting this year off with changes, with this year’s drum majors and two new directors, also with COVID restrictions no longer in play, the band will be playing the original music they were supposed to before the COVID restrictions.

“I’m very excited because we are getting to do our original show and just harder things.”  said Karissa Ward, the head drum major.

This year AHS Band has two new band directors Alana Curley and Drew Young. Curley isn’t new to abilene high or the abilene independent as she taught craig for a while then taught at abilene high last spring. Young is a former Eagle so he is also familiar with the AHS Band.                  

This year’s drum majors are Karissa Ward as the head drum major and Brooke Garduno & Gustavo Marquez as the assistant drum majors. The drum majors act as the assistant to the directors and help conduct the band. Ward is incharge of keeping the tempo and making sure the drum majors don’t get lost and lose.  All three of the drum majors have been doing band all four years of high school and all plan to have a band in some part of their life.

“A drum major is a leader that stands up in front of the band and helps them through their show and is always there for anything not just musically but emotionally, mentally. Just big parents of the band besides the directors.” said Marquez

Last year there were a lot of COVID restrictions when it came to band so this covid less season will be more interactive and have a lot more activities to do, also the theme had  to be altered last season because of COVID so with COVID no longer being in play they’ll be able to resume to the original theme. The theme for this season is the elements, the elements of nature are: earth, water, fire, and wind.