By; Marion Smith

The cheer team held a Halloween  themed pep rally on Friday,Oct 29 at 7:40 am to boost school spirit for the football and  volleyball teams, against Odessa High School.

   “We practice every single day and stay till 5pm on Mondays and Wednesday,” said Abby Salibury, junior cheerleader   “We are constantly working.”

The team attended summer camp at Great Wolf Lodge,learning stunts  .

  “I think it’s been a really good year, we are all super close,and we’re just excited because to have pep rallies in general since last year,” said Riley Reese, junior cheerleader . “We came from having nothing.I feel we have improved as a team”.

The team comes to school at 7:30 pm on Thursday night to practice and decorate for pep rallies.

   “We are getting used to a schedule that is fuller this year,” Mrs.Kaylea Peacock cheer coach said,“they are very good at picking up routines on the fly.”

 The covid closer of 2020 greatly impacted varsity cheer 

   “We figured out that only one of the varsity cheerleaders has gone through a normal covid year before, the rest of them are not as used to as many practices ,games,and prep rallies and thing they have to do.“Peacock said .

Coming from a restricted year the team is growing from the past year

  “We have a good mix of juniors  and seniors and one sophomore. They are  all very smart, kind girls. It’s fun to work with them,” Peacock said.