By: Samuel Villa

The Lift is hosting a major recording studio openly available for students and teachers to use.

A boat load of new opportunities are being offered to students at the Lift. Many are learning how to be prepared for the careers they want. One of biggest offers at the lift is the audio and video recording studio. Randy Cluck sees this as a great way to improve the quality of the AISD-TV broadcasts.

“The Lift’s studio is very advanced,” Cluck said. “This is the premiere recording studio in Abilene.” Cluck and his team have been filming events at the district’s schools for over 5 years now.

 “We usually film basketball games and choir concerts,” Cluck said. “We usually control the broadcast with an iPad that wirelessly connects to school’s online system.”

Now that he works at the Lift, a great chunk of the broadcasts will be edited through the studio.

“It’s much easier to use the equipment here,” Cluck said. “The computers and audio recorders are simple to use, and the students help us out a lot.”

If you want to make movie or TV quality productions, the Lift is the way to go.

“We’re excited to further our productions,” Cluck said. “The advanced equipment combined with help from the students make our jobs easier and more effective.”

The Lift also has a green screen connected to the recording studio that will be used for major projects soon.

“Editors from the local news have been trying out the equipment,” Cluck said. “They really enjoyed the addition of a green screen and can’t wait to see it be used for students to use it.”

 As of now there is still more equipment being set up, but once everything is ready the A/V production team will use these new tools to build their futures.

 “They’re all preparing for their careers,” Cluck said. “We’re glad we can help them.”